Jack’s Garden Soil
This soil combination was recommended by a passionate and intelligent gardner named Jack. It will be sure to grow an abundant harvest of incredible produce.
14’x3’x1′ raised bed
14’x3’x1′ raised bed
  • 2(2.8) cubic feet bag Sungrow Professional Grower’s Mix
  • 2 (1) cubic foot bag Purple Cow
  • 2(1) cubic foot bag HSU Garden Blend
  1. Mix all 3 of these bags together. They can be used to start a brand new raised bed or as a top dressing with an existing bed. If adding to an existing bed be sure to loosen up the top 6″ of your original soil first. Then add Jack’s soil on top and mix it all together.
Recipe Notes

This mix is about a 3:1:1 ratio and can be modified for any garden bed size.  Purple cow is an amazingly rich organic compost that can make the biggest difference in your garden.  It is expensive (~$15/bag).  Think of it like garden gold.  You can certainly use less (1 bag per 4’x3’x1′ garden) and simply add more of the other two.  HSU Garden Blend is a dense soil that helps to create the perfect texture when mixed with the Professional growing mix.  It does a nice job weighting down the soil just enough so that the wind doesn’t blow it away.

Can’t get to Silver Lake Country Store to meet Jack?  Here are some links to other stores that sell these products.

Sungro Professional Grower’s Mix

Purple Cow Activated Compost






HSU Garden Blend:  This is a link to the manufacturer.  They do not sell it directly from their site but they do have a nice garden center locator on their “Find our Products” page under the “About Us” tab.

HSU Garden Blend