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Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Elizabeth (Liz). I am a busy mom, wife and physical therapist who loves to learn, especially about all that is healthy, nourishing and spiritually stimulating.  I have two thoughtful inspirational daughters and a supportive husband who share many of my holistic passions.   We love the concept of natural living.  A life with less chemicals, less drugs, less greed AND more whole foods, more plants, and more kindness.  We appreciate hard work, honor and dedication.

I strive to stay fit, naturally healthy and kind.  I work really hard to keep my family just as healthy, and drive them crazy (although I know they love it!) with my roller coaster ride of various eating styles and work outs.

I love clean eating magazine, strength training, running, yoga, knitting, and learning the latest physical therapy trends. I dream of owning a hobby farm with goat’s, chickens, vegetables and loads of home made products.


I hope to inspire you to either join this path towards a natural healthy way of life or enlighten your current journey.  I hope to learn from my readers as well and am excited to engage in some stimulating conversations.  I plan to inform you of safe and effective ways to support and strengthen you in mind, body and spirit and empower you with current knowledge to be the best version of yourself.



My inspiration is one of our favorite family pets, Juniper. She is the dog of Alyssa, my youngest sister who recently passed away.  Alyssa was a successful, free spirited farmer who lived amongst the gorgeous redwoods in northern California.  My family had the amazing experience of living with both Juniper and Alyssa for several months last year.  We soaked in both of their carefree demeanors.  Juniper is an active, happy, messy and smart teenage dog who loves small dogs (she is in love with our little dog, Chloe), all things in nature and REAL human food.  She can look deep into your soul, knows when you need her (and when you don’t) and gives amazing hugs.  She represents a fantastic way of life. She is the example of how we would love to live everyday.


When I looked up “Juniper” in Wikipedia, we found even more fantastic stuff that hooked us on this name!  It described the growth of a very beautiful and unique tree.  The young Juniper tree is prickly and hard to touch. The fully grown tree has a very twisty trunk  with soft needles and gorgeous blue berries.  This reminded us of human life.  We are very prickly people!  It takes a lifetime to soften, to be socially productive and to figure out our own uniqueness.

I hope you join me on this journey, as we strive to be more like Juniper, the dog, AND the tree.