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5 Hours to a Simplistic and Refreshing Capsule Wardrobe

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I spent 20+ years building and rebuilding my wardrobe.  I just spent 5 hours deconstructing it from 353 items down to 33.  I officially have my first “capsule wardrobe”, thanks to the inspiration and guidance from Courtney Carver, author of the website   She titled this concept “Project 333” which means 33 items of clothing/accessories/shoes for 3 months.

I feel exhilarated with my new simple closet and the new space I created in my bedroom.  This feeling of enlightenment is also paired with a realistic fear of “what have I done?”.  This fear was abated the next morning when I walked in my clean uncluttered closet and was able to quickly choose something to wear.  I also know that I have 238 items safely secured in my basement if I discover that I can’t possibly live this way.

I have been asked why in the world would I want a capsule wardrobe?  For me, it’s the idea of simplicity.  Life as a working mom can be hectic, and this just feels like a breath of fresh air.  I’m also driven with a desire to control my spending. In order to change, I know I need to be somewhat drastic.  That’s just me. Finally, the real catalyst for this simple transformation, is the feeling I got after watching the Netflix documentary, “The True Cost”.  This film taught me all about the trend of “FAST Fashion” and it’s relationship to fair trade across the globe. (Click HERE to check out my post on this.)

With these reasons motivating me, I followed the guidelines from Courtney’s website and captured my experience with the intention of sharing it with you.  The following is my Project 333.  I hope to encourage you to give this a try.  It truly feels empowering and cleansing.



Do NOT include:  Underwear, Bras, Socks, Pajamas, Lounge Wear, Work Out Clothes or Special Jewelry (wedding ring, mother’s ring, etc)

DO include:  Daily clothes, shoes, boots and accessories (scarves, bags, jewelry)

My Closets BEFORE

Image of Clothing Closet Image of Clothing Closet

1. Empty closets and put everything on your bed, your floor, or wherever it fits

My Clothes

My Shoes

My Accessories

2.  Clean your empty closets

All dusted and cleaned!  Who knew how much space I had? Found a few bobby pins too, bonus!

3.  Sort your stuff into 4 piles (Count them if you enjoy that sort of thing!)



LIKE IT (259)

4. LOVE IT (54)

4.  Trash your trash & pack up your donations.  Take them out of your room.

5. Take a deep breath, get a bite to eat/drink, put on some relaxing or energizing music.

6.  Narrow down your “Love It” pile to 33 items. Put the others into your “Like It” pile. Create your capsule wardrobe!

My FINAL Capsule Wardrobe!!!

Short Sleeve Shirts:  5

Long Sleeve Shirts:  10

Jeans:  3

Pants:  5

Cardigans:  2

Sweaters:  3

Hoodie:  1

Shoes:  4

TOTAL:  33

7.  Pack up your “Like It” pile and store it away.

8. Smile and enjoy your new simplistic wardrobe and clean closet!








My Final Count

353 Items:  (75) Donated, (7) Trashed, (238) Liked & (33) Loved

                    What’s YOUR count?