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17 Reasons Why You Need a Capsule Wardrobe

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I created my first capsule wardrobe 6 weeks ago. I am officially half way through the 12 weeks that I initially committed to this endeavor.  It is amazing to me that I honestly do not miss my overstuffed closet.  I feel like I have more than enough clothes to put together outfits that are comfortable, fit well and look good.  (Check out my post 5 Hours to a Simplistic and Refreshing Capsule Wardrobe to learn how I created mine.)

I haven’t had a morning in which I’ve gotten exasperated trying on a million items that don’t fit well.  Not a single morning of creating a pile of clothes on the floor, being late and then starting my day feeling bad about myself. I have been able to turn down buying stuff I don’t need and have somehow convinced my girls that thrift shopping is fun and cool! 

I would love for you to feel the same excitement and to spread this ethically inspired trend. 


Here are 17 real reasons why you need to join me on this life altering adventure!


1.  Simplify your life

Living with less stuff is simply easier.  It is refreshing to know exactly what you have and where it goes.  Less clutter feels good.  


2.  Make it easy to get dressed in the morning

A capsule wardrobe prevents you from wasting precious time standing in front of your clothes and wondering what to wear.  You know what you love, what fits and what goes together. You no longer have to try on several outfits to find the one that feels best and looks great. Everything in your closet fits well and coordinates. You know you love each item and feel happy when you wear it.  


3.  Less loads of laundry

With less clothes, comes less laundry! A capsule wardrobe can be cleaned in 1-2 loads.  No more wondering where that random shirt is when it gets lost in the land of laundry piles.  You know what you have and can easily begin to recognize when it is time to do the wash.


4.  Save money

When you have a capsule wardrobe, you begin to focus less on that urge to purchase more clothes. It becomes a freedom to be happy with what you have and you learn to realize that you really do not need more.


5.  Improve global awareness of ethical fashion

You become more conscious of the clothing you purchase when you have a simpler wardrobe. If you are like the majority, you may seek out others online who have similar endeavors.  You become part of a like-minded community who share a passion of improving their shopping habits.  This exposes you to conscientious individuals who discuss all spectrums of shopping from ethical manufacturing to sustainable materials.  The more people that engage in these conversations, the greater the global awareness becomes. 


6.  Slow down “Fast Fashion”

Simply making this decision to buy less reduces the impact on the fast fashion industry.  When you realize you need less stuff and your purchase with greater purpose, you stop impulse buying.  You choose that well made quality T-shirt over the cheap junk that may be fun for a season. (Click the image below to read how I became interested in slowing down fast fashion).

Fast Fashion Hanging Clothes with Title

7.  Learn to live with less stuff

You have less to clean, less to look at, less to think about.  It becomes the thing that no longer drives you, making more room for life’s other pleasures.  You begin to truly understand your needs vs your wants.  Before you know it, your capsule wardrobe mentality begins to flow into other aspects of your life.  You may move towards a minimalistic way of living.  

8.  Be a good example

Living with less is an example we can all learn by.  Our children mimic us and learn best by example. Why not start a generation who is more thrifty and has less things?  Our kids can grow up understanding a difference between needs and wants.  You may inspire them to learn to appreciate what they have vs always looking for the next best thing.


9.  Get excited about the stuff you already have

When you create your capsule wardrobe, you box up and save the other items you are not including. When the season changes or three months go by, you change your capsule.  You then open up those boxes filled with your other clothes that you haven’t seen in awhile.  You learn to get excited about your own clothes! This is just like the concept of hiding the overstock of your child’s toys and then later sneaking them back into their toy box. They get excited about an old toy and play with it again.  


10.  Keep our earth cleaner with less trash in the landfills

Purchasing poorly made cheap clothes that are either seasonal, not on our love list, are “just for one night”, or simply don’t last, usually end up being thrown away.  There are mounds of textiles filling our landfills.  Follow this link to learn Why You Should NEVER Throw Old Clothes in The Trash.


11.  Support quality clothing manufacturers

Capsule wardrobe creation requires you to be more selective with your clothing.  You want your clothes to be of better quality and last longer.  A $5 T-shirt is unlikely to still look good when worn and washed more regularly. You begin to seek out those companies that put more time and thought into the quality of their clothing.  Yes, it will cost more, but shouldn’t it?  We all expect to be paid for our time and be paid more when we do a good job.  Shouldn’t the people who make our clothes expect the same thing?  You learn to spend your money more wisely.  You buy less and pay more for each item but this item is something you love and it holds up wash after wash. 

Check out my previous post, 16 Ethical Fashion Brands to Make You Feel Better, for a well researched list of my favorite quality stores.


12.  Donate to those in need

The process of creating a capsule wardrobe requires you to scrutinize each item you own.  You have to decide if you love it, like it, want to trash it or donate it.  Often times, you discover that you have several items that you no longer love or like and realize that it may still be in good condition.  These are the items you donate. The familiar saying “someone’s trash is another person’s treasure” is so true.  


13.  Try something new

We grow as people when are minds are stretched.  It is so healthy to push yourself to try something new.  This may seem daunting to many, but like many smart parent’s say, “you never know until you try”.  Simplifying your wardrobe begins to make you think differently about several aspects of your life.  It is a new outlook that brings positive change and perspective.


14.  Be inspirational

Wearing and using less can be very inspirational.  It is refreshing to learn that it is okay to wear the same pair of pants twice in a work week.  People compete with one another. If you are the person always showing up to work with something new, it may make others feel they need to do the same. However, it is inspiring to be the one who dresses smart and is able to put together several quality outfits that coordinate well without having an overstuffed closet. 

Celebrities can be some of the most inspirational people. They have the power to reach the world and people will listen.

15.  Learn the art of appreciation

We live in a society where we are used to having so much stuff that is easily replaceable.  We have lost the art of appreciating the things we have.  Having less items in your closet, makes you more grateful for the few things you have.  It also makes you more thankful for the excess of clothes you may still have boxed up in your basement.  


16.  Love what you wear

Creating a smaller wardrobe requires you to choose only the items you actually love.  You have to use these 33 items for the next 3 months, so you better be selective and really feel fabulous about the clothes you choose.  Most of the time, if you have a large overstuffed closet, you end up wearing your favorites anyway.  Why not sift through all of those things you don’t really like and make it easier on yourself to make a decision in the morning?  You feel and look great when you wear what you love.


17.  Learn to take better care of your stuff

Often times, we don’t really care for our possessions as well as we should because once it gets old, we simply toss it and replace it with something better.  Most of us have lost the art of mending our clothes.  We don’t know how to thread a needle or tie a knot in the end of a string.  Clothes will wear out and buttons will fall off when we get better use of our clothes.  It can be very satisfying to take care of our belongings ourselves and to learn how to sew.There are several ways to better launder our clothing, such as using a dryer rack or better separating our various fabrics prior to washing. This is what our ancestors did. They were hard workers who appreciated what they had.  It is always a good idea to learn from our roots and once in a while do what they did.

I hope this long list encourages you to start your own capsule wardrobe. Don’t be scared.  It is simply refreshing to look into your newly cleaned, refreshed and simplified closet.  One space and one day at a time.  

I would like to express my appreciation to my beautiful sister, Alyssa, who is the music playing in the background of my every day.  She continues to inspire me and keeps pushing me forward to adventure into the world she represented.

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